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The Development Lab is the FCE Services department where our customers’ ideas become reality!

The Development Lab Department has three operating centers in Switzerland, Italy and Albania. This way you can choose the best location based on the skills required and the budget available.


Software Development and System Integration Turnkey

Thanks to an expert team of software engineers and web designers, we are able to develop Software Application and manage projects of System Integration.

Some areas of intervention:

  • Development of e-commerce systems based on «state of the art» of industry, using platforms as Magento and Prestashop;
  • Integration with commons CRM and ERP systems;
  • Integration with Payment systems;
  • Development of mobile Apps (iOS, Android);
  • Development of Trouble Ticketing Systems and integration with CMS and ERP systems;
  • Design of complete VOIP solutions for Call Center and large enterprises.

Software Development by Dedicated Teams

FCE Services selection and hires qualified human resources in the IT industry, based on the requirements of the Client.

The team operates at the FCE Services Development Lab at the best location, depending on skills required and budget available.  A local Supervisor, provided by FCE Services, receives the specifics for software development directly by the Project Manager of the Client.

The Service includes:

  • Selection and hires of skilled software developers;
  • Training at the Client site;
  • Development Lab  with complete IT infrastructure (connetivity, PC, communication and collaboration tools) and HR managing;
  • Server Farm in Switzerland for safe data storage, developing and test of the applications;
  • The more cost effective rates available in the country where the Development Lab is located.


Where the ideas became reality!

People are our strength!

The Development LAB is a young and modern context with many benefits for the employees. It is a place where to work but also a place where to take leisure time:

  • comfortable desks in a modern office in the center of the city
  • leisure area and café
  • salaries higher than the local market average
  • benefits and incentives
  • continuous training on different development languages and new technologies
  • startup incubator and business accelerator

Tools and Facilities

The Development LAB is a modern structure equipped with:

  • Workstation with powerful Desktop PC, telephone, webcam
  • Meeting room with video and call conference systems
  • Connectivity up to 100Mbits
  • Central UPS system
  • Server Farm in Switzerland for safe storage of data and application
  • Access control system
  • Biometric access control system and attendance verification
  • Equipped desk reserved to the Client’s staff (Project Managers and others)